Prof. Azyumardi Azra

25 Jun 14 Azumardi Azra: Indonesia, Islam and Democracy: A Comparative Perspective with the Arab World

It has been argued that one of the most evident tendencies in the post-cold war period towards the new millennium is the rapid growth of democracies due among others to globalization. There is a strong tendency that increasing number nation states is becoming democratic. Indonesia,...

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25 Jun 14 Joint seminar on ‘Islam and Democracy in post 2014 Indonesia: A comparative perspective’

Organized by KITLV, The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia and Indonesia Nederland Society Speaker: Prof. Azyumardi Azra / Discussant: Dr. Nikolaos van Dam / Chair: Prof. Jan Michiel Otto   Indonesia is a country with the largest Muslim population and at the same time the third largest democracy...

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Dr. Nikolaos van Dam

10 Dec 13 Speech Dr. Nikolaos van Dam on presenting the Linggadjati Award 2013 to Dr. Hassan Wirajuda and Dr. Bernard Bot

The 'Linggadjati Conference' between Indonesian and Dutch delegations (now more then 67 years ago, in November 1946) constitute an important moment in the bilateral history of the Republic of Indonesia and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. These negotiations were to regulate the independence of the...

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10 Dec 13 Changes in the INS Board

In 2013 two respected members of the board, Silfraire Delhaye (treasurer) and Jolijn van Beukering, independently from each other and for personal reasons, decided to stop their memberships. The board regrets their farewell, but is very grateful for their dedicated and pioneering work in the starting...

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