The INS Trustees

It is thanks to a close cooperation between the INS Board and the INS Trustees that makes INS a strong and dynamic for purpose association. From the very date of its establishment (22 March 2012, The Hague) the INS Board has been able to rely on the support and advice of its Trustees. In addition to their knowledge and expertise, from their networks Trustees bring out people and ideas that help the INS board in the execution of its mission. Examples are the kick-off meeting, the Round Table meetings and other INS activities.

Trustees in the Netherlands:

Trustees in Indonesia:

Former members of the INS Board, who are trustees now:


As former members of the INS Board, Frits Blessing and Rennie Roos, who have been permanently resident in Indonesia since 2020, have taken on to actively assist the newly established INS-INA board in Jakarta.