The ‘Linggarjati Award’

Every now and then the Indonesia Nederland Society puts a person in the limelight that has contributed to the improvement of the relations between Indonesia and the Netherlands in an extraordinary way.

Of course the very first ones that not only improved, but even started the relationship between the two countries on an equal basis, were the negotiators at both the Indonesian and Dutch side that reached the ‘Linggadjati Agreement’ in 1946. By establishing the ‘Linggadjati Award’, the Board of the Indonesia Nederland Society likes to recall the values of mutual respect and appreciation that formed the spirit of the negotiations in Linggadjati, as a base for wider cooperation between the Netherlands and Indonesia.

Therefore the ‘Linggadjati Award’ is presented to those who bring the bilateral relation a step further, in line with the spirit of the talks in Linggadjati putting mutual respect and appreciation upfront.