Mission Statement

Our Mission
What do we do? Whom do we serve? How do we serve them?

The mission of the Indonesia Nederland Society (INS) is to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Indonesia and the Netherlands by enhancing mutual understanding between the people of both countries on the basis of equality and reciprocity.

INS develops activities focused on sharing knowledge and bringing networks together in the areas of business, education, science, politics, culture, and history. INS works closely with its key stakeholders: leaders in governmental and non-governmental organisations, educational institutions, the media and business, as well as with the general public in both countries.


Our Ambition
What do we aspire?

INS has the ambition to be the cross-sectoral platform for key partners from Indonesia and the Netherlands. We add value to our partners by bringing knowledge and networks together, and through complementarity of our activities in relation to existing initiatives. Our neutral position makes us effective in making connections and building bridges between sectors, organisations, people and generations, in an informal way.


Our Strategy
What are our concrete objectives and how will we achieve these?

In close consultation with its stakeholders INS will draft an annual planning for activities to be initiated and/or organized that reflect the mission of INS. At the end of each year INS will evaluate to what extent its activities have contributed to its overall mission. The INS undertakes to develop an effective social media policy in order to raise the awareness of its activities and to strengthen its position as one of the most important actors in maintaining and promoting the mutual understanding and friendship between Indonesia and the Netherlands. Regular consultations of INS with government and non-government actors are a prerequisite to keep abreast of developments that determine the relationship between both countries.