Rennie Roos



Rennie is the founder and owner of Asia Consulting and has a BA in Indonesian Studies and MA in Asian Politics, Society & Economy from Leiden University.

In 2012, Rennie founded the Indonesia Nederland Youth Society ( in order to create opportunities for young Dutch and Indonesians while strengthening the bilateral relationship between Indonesia and the Netherlands.

As founder of the INYS, Rennie was asked by the Indonesia Diaspora Network to run the Taskforce Youth & Education in the Netherlands, a position he happily accepted. In 2013 and 2014, Rennie was invited by the Prime Minister of Malaysia to represent the Netherlands in the International Malay Speaking Competition in Kuala Lumpur. In 2015, he participated in the Frans Seda Conference in Bogor, where he co-created the World Education (WE) Initiative that aims to connect schools across the globe through social media and Skype in order to stimulate global awareness amongst high school students.

With Asia Consulting, Rennie is currently helping small and medium enterprises from the Netherlands to enter a Southeast Asian market while looking for Asian start-ups that have the potential to expand to Europe.

Within the INS, Rennie aims to inspire businesses, governments and other organizations to facilitate youth engagement with Indonesia and The Netherlands.

On a personal level, Rennie encourages young people to create similar organizations like the INYS in order to stimulate friendships and strengthen the ties between countries starting at a youth level.

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