Andhika Rutten



Andhika Rutten joined the INS Board in 2018. She has a strong connection with both Indonesia and the Netherlands through work and family connections. She is an organizational anthropologist currently focusing on sustainable development in agricultural value chains. Her main areas of expertise are: community building, sustainable (business) development, (intercultural) communication, programme- and partnership development.

Her first encounter with INS was in 2016 when she became chair of the Indonesia Nederland Youth Society (INYS), a youth-led organization that has the same mission as INS with the aim to better connect young Dutch and Indonesians to each other and to Indonesia-related opportunities.

Before becoming an independent consultant Andhika was working as a community builder and program consultant for the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam (2016 – 2020). Her department, KIT Intercultural Professionals, was mainly focused on intercultural communication, training and consulting. Here she got the opportunity to gain experience as a trainer in intercultural communication. She encountered business professionals from several Dutch multinationals who were being prepared for their stay and trained to be more effective in their assignment in Indonesia.

Andhika has been involved in Indonesia-related activities in several organizations and projects. In 2019 she worked as a sustainability consultant during the production process of a social justice documentary. Here she focused on the livelihood of palm oil smallholder farmers in Indonesia. This to explore and create more awareness around sustainable development in the Indonesian palm oil value chain.

With her own mission and experience Andhika hopes to contribute to the mission of the Indonesia Nederland Society.