Noke Kiroyan

Introducing Noke Kiroyan: chair of the INS Indonesia Board


Noke Kiroyan has several decades of experience in senior management with top-performing multinational corporations. His cross-cultural communication skills and background in senior management allows him to blend local knowledge with modern managerial know-how and devise business solutions with socio-cultural acumen.

His fluency in English, Dutch, and German further enables him to communicate across cultures and nationalities.

Noke Kiroyan’s areas of expertise include executive management in the mining, oleo chemical and electric industry; strategic counseling; socio-political issues; public relations, crisis management; corporate social responsibility, good corporate governance and community development.



Noke began his business career as a management trainee with Siemens AG in Nuremburg, Germany. Eventually, he became president director of the Siemens Indonesian subsidiary.

After 17 years with Siemens, Salim Group recruited Noke to oversee two chemical plants at the Dutch-German border and in the former German Democratic Republic. He then moved to Melbourne, Australia, where he served as a group representative before continuing on to Dublin, Ohio, to expand group operations in the United States and Latin America.

In 1997, Noke became president director of Rio Tinto Indonesia, where he built the company’s reputation and helped resolve long-standing issues with local communities in East Kalimantan. He subsequently managed a world-class coal mine that was going through a challenging share divestment process due to complications from the devolution of regional power. In 2005, he accepted an offer to become president director of PT Newmont Pacific Nusantara.


Following an executive career of 34 years in international business – more than half of which in top management positions – toward end 2006 Noke established his own consultancy specializing in areas he has the educational background, professional expertise and experience in. The company is called PT Komunikasi Kinerja (Communicating Performance Inc.), trading under the name Kiroyan Partners. It specializes in Public Affairs, Stakeholder Relations Management, Reputation Building, Corporate Social Responsibility and Non-Financial Risk Management. Kiroyan Partners assists clients in dealing with reputational, social and communication issues using an integrated approach. The outcome of the consult is enhanced reputation, crisis resolution, improved stakeholder management, better communications and more effective CSR initiatives. High standards of ethics and professionalism must be adhered to by all team members at all times.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications Science, Padjadjaran University, Bandung.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, Syracuse University, New York.
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Edinburgh Business School
  • Graduate Diploma Business Administration, Heriot-Watt University


Current involvements:


Awards and achievements:

  • 2006: The Guardians of Nature Award of The Nature Conservancy
  • 2002: Top 10 Indonesian CEO’s by SWA Business Magazine
  • 2000: Top 25 Outstanding Indonesian CEOs – Warta Ekonomi Business Magazine
  • 1974: Scholarship to study advanced level German at the Goethe Institut Munich



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