Flag hoisting ceremony 71th Independence Day

19 Aug 2016

On August 17, the Indonesia Nederland Society was invited to attend the official flag hoisting ceremony that preluded the celebration of the 71th anniversary of the Independence of Indonesia.

It was an impressive and solemn ceremony. Venue was the Indonesian School in Wassenaar and besides a number of guests, all diplomats, their spouses and staff of the Embassy participated. And of course – as one of the many examples of Indonesian hospitality – all present were offered delicious Indonesian food afterwards.



The ceremony started with the formal entrance of ambassador H.E. I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja, followed by a parade of a barisan (military guards of honor). Then the Merah-putih was solemnly hoisted during the singing of the national anthem ‘Indonesia Raya’.


At first the Declaration of Independence was cited that the first President Soekarno, accompanied by Vice-president Hatta, has presented on that historical August 17, 1945.

Although the text of this Declaration was short, the messages was clear: ‘We, the people of Indonesia, hereby declare the independence of Indonesia. Matters which concern the transfer of power and other things will be executed by careful means and in the shortest possible time. Jakarta, 17 August 1945 in the name of the people of Indonesia’.



‘Proklamasi’ by ir. Soekarno on August 17, 1945


Kami, bangsa Indonesia, dengan ini menyatakan kemerdekaan Indonesia.

Hal-hal yang mengenai pemindahan kekuasaan d.l.l., diselenggarakan dengan tjara saksama dan dalam tempo yang sesingkat-singkatnya.

Djakarta, hari 17 bulan 8 tahun 45

Atas nama bangsa Indonesia,




But, having transformed into the modern state Indonesia is today, ambassador Puja in his speech highlighted the policy issues of the present President Joko Widodo, underlined the importance of Indonesia in global politics and economics and stressed the progressive and warm relations between Indonesia and the Netherlands today.


The ceremony was concluded by some national songs performed by the diplomat spouses, during which all present enjoyed watching a geometrical flag waving spectacle.