Indonesian Art Songs, performed by Seriosa

13 May 2016

On the evening of May 13, the Education and Cultural Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy, Bapak Bambang Hari Wibisono, in collaboration with the Indonesian Classical Music Students in the Netherlands and with the support of Rumah Budaya Indonesia and Jakarta Arts Council, proudly presented a concert to introduce invited guests to the Anthology of Indonesian Classical Music.

INS was honoured with an invite to this special concert. Mrs. Joty ter Kulve, Mrs. Monica Bouman and Mrs. Josette van Os attended and all three of them were enchanted by the classical music performed with Indonesian elegance and refinement, in an impressive and professional way.

Optreden muziekgroep Seriosa (KBRI) - 13-05-2016

Performance of Seriosa at May 13, 2016. In the centre H.E. I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja and his wife Ibu Rusdijana Puja (Photo by Herwin Wels)



The concert was performed by three vocalists and six pianists, all talented Indonesians studying at several conservatories in the Netherlands. They united themselves in the ensemble ‘Seriosa’, consisting of: Ardelia Padma Sawitri, soprano / Caesar Yuwono, pianist / Eunike Indrawan, pianist / Maria Yolanda Haliman, pianist / Marlina Deasy Hartanto, soprano / Petra Ruth Alexandry, pianist / Revy Siswanto, pianist / Satriya Krisna, tenor / Stephanus Maximilian, pianist

The musicians rendered a number of beautiful Indonesian Art songs in which the singers were accompanied by piano. The music was composed by prominent Indonesian composers such as Mochtar Embut, Ismail Marzuki, Trisutji Kamal, and Iskandar.


The concert turned out to be an absolute ‘must’ for lovers of the classical (tonal) genre. The Indonesian art songs combine a characteristic hallmark with easily accessible harmonic structures, that are a treat for the ears. It never was predictable, dull or emotionally empty. This music contradicts the thought that ‘simplicity’ and ‘profound’ are incompatible; on the contrary, these songs prove that simplicity maybe is the essence of profoundness. Also the lyrics were impressive. They gave a wise musical lesson from Indonesia and provided food for thoughts and further exploration.

As Mrs. Josette van Os describes it: ‘For me the motto of this excellent evening was that ‘simplicity is the hallmark of truth’. All honour to not only the organizers of this special event, but especially to the young musicians. It is obvious that a lot of talent is to be found within the Indonesian population. I can invite everyone to take a peek at YouTube to learn more about this art form and its interpretation by the performers of Seriosa’.

Mrs. Joty ter Kulve adds:  ‘Sometimes in life you experience something so beautiful, so harmonious and at the same time revolutionary, that in your heart and soul you know that you have entered a new chapter in history. That happened to me when I listened to this musical outburst of talent from young Indonesian artists, united in Seriosa, introducing ‘The Anthology of Indonesian Classical Music’. In this music the composers and performers succeeded in having cultures touch, smile, laugh and kiss each other. I hope sincerely that these Indonesian light classical songs will be spread throughout Europe and get the recognition they certainly deserve’.