INS Newsletter by Jesse Kuiper (chairman of the board)

01 Apr 2013

Dear Friends of Indonesia,

Only one year ago the Indonesia Nederland Society was officially launched in The Hague. Launched with a mission, a mission to establish better relationships on many levels between the Republic of Indonesia and the Netherlands. At the time of launching INS the general feeling of many insiders was that the Dutch were not very aware of the modern or perhaps better ‘new’ Indonesia. Or as her Excellency Mrs. Retno Marsudi, Ambassador for Indonesia to the Netherlands, said on many occasions that we should throw away ‘the old glasses”, that were more focused on the past than on the future.

In our first year we have established our foundation and as well positioned ourselves in the middle of the debate. Behind the screen, below the radar and as well on our very successful seminar held in December. This year we will continue with organizing various events, where we hope to welcome you as well.

A lot has changed in the past year, many things for the better. Yet there is still work to be done and the Board of INS, supported by a strong Board of Trustees headed by Mr. Wim van Eekelen, is fully committed to contribute to better relations with the country that holds such a special place in all our hearts.

Jesse Kuijper, Ambassador Retno Marsudi and Bernard Bot

Jesse Kuijper, Ambassador Retno Marsudi and Bernard Bot