09 Feb 2022

In 2021 the Indonesia Board of the INS has taken the initiative to organize a serial webinar with a specific focus on sustainability and climate change in Indonesia. Each session brought together experts from Indonesia and the Netherlands to share knowledge, insights, and ideas with the audience. Furthermore, the audience was encouraged to interact with one another. These webinars fit perfectly with the ambition of INS to add value to our partners by bringing knowledge and networks together.

In preparing the webinars we collaborated with the following friends of INS: Nuffic Neso Indonesia, ID Volunteer, IDN Livable Cities, Indonesian Diaspora Network Global, IDN Netherlands, PPI Belanda, Bicara Udara, KataData Insight Center, Club House, and Green New Deal Indonesia.


  • Webinar 1 (14/10/2021): Avoiding climate catastrophe: How can sustainable agriculture and innovative green financing help?


This first INS Webinar focused on agriculture as a necessary component not only for economic growth, but also for ensuring food security for the world’s expanding population in a time of climate change.

Keynote speakers Johan Kieft and Rama Manusama shared their insights and expertise in a session moderated by Agus Sari. A diverse group of participants from universities, businesses, and public institutions from Indonesia and the Netherlands attended.




  • Webinar 2 (20/11/2021): The Battle for Clean Air in Jakarta: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.


The second INS Webinar focused on raising awareness and taking action to combat air pollution. Every year, air pollution causes 5.5 million diseases in Jakarta alone, resulting in nearly 11 cases per minute and total health costs of IDR 6.8 trillion.

Keynote speakers Adhityani Putri, Alghiffari Aqsa, Piotr Jakubowski, and Mulya Amir, Ph.D shared stories about how to solve problems with air quality developments.




  • Webinar 3 (15/12/2021): Socio-Climatic Design for Better Cities


The third INS Webinar was opened by Noke Kiroyan (Board of Trustees INS Indonesia), moderated by Harmen Van De Wal (Director Krill Office for Resilient Cities and Architecture), and commented on by Wiwi Tjiook (Landscape Architect Rotterdam).

This webinar highlighted the practices landscape architects & planners in Indonesia and the Netherlands. Socio-climatic urban strategies were presented as examples of vibrant public spaces, as well as a catalogue of landscape interventions that could be proposed and implemented.

Keynote speakers Michiel van Driessche, Florian Heinzelmann and Daliana Suryawinata discussed a series of green park and public space projects. Their firms, SHAU and Felixx both address issues around waste, energy, and water, and other challenges, through their work.