Apply now for the Indonesia Netherlands thesis prize 2024

12 May 2024

Win a trip from Indonesia to the Netherlands (or vice versa) with your thesis

  • Have you written an interesting Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis at an Indonesian or Dutch university?
  • Can you summarise your thesis in an inspiring way in a short pitch
  • Can you make a to the relation between Indonesia and the Netherlands in your pitch?
  • Then you could be the winner of the Indonesia Nederland Thesis prize 2024


What is the thesis prize about?

  • The Indonesia Nederland Society is proud to announce the second edition of the Indonesia Netherlands Thesis Prize in close collaboration with our partners PPI Belanda, Nuffic Southeast Asia and Garuda Indonesia.
  • Our aim is to provide students with the opportunity to bring their ideas to the fore, encourage student-led research and make this research known to the public
  • The student who presents the best pitch of her/his Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis will be the winner
  • The winner of the Indonesia Nederland Thesis prize 2024 will be rewarded with a return ticket Jakarta-Amsterdam or vice versa (conditions apply).


Conditions for participation

  • All academic disciplines are eligible
  • Degree level: Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis
  • Thesis assessed by a Dutch or Indonesian university
  • Thesis assessment date: between 31 August 2021 and 31 May 2024


How to apply?

  • A digital copy of the Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis
  • Proof of the grade received
  • A written summary of your thesis (max. 500 words in English)
  • A recorded video statement of 3 minutes (max.) in English pitching your thesis to a general audience and link the content of the thesis to the relation between Indonesia and the Netherlands (or ASEAN-EU)


Applications can be submitted until 1 July 2024 to 


Assessment criteria

  • Eligibility, based on the conditions and completeness of the thesis.
  • Research that is eye-catching in terms of subject matter, theory and methodology, and preferably uses an original perspective, offers new insights and has both scientific and social relevance.
  • Quality of the video pitch in terms of:
    • Ability to explain the content of thesis for a general audience
    • Ability to explain the relevance for Indonesia and the Netherlands (or ASEAN and EU)
    • Ability to ‘sell’ the main ideas/conclusions to the audience


How is the winner selected?

  • The top 5 applicants will be selected by a jury and invited to present their pitch (online) during WINNER 2024 between 24 and 26 September 2024.
  • During the event the jury will determine the winner of the return ticket Jakarta-Amsterdam or Amsterdam-Jakarta. 


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