COVID Relief Response

09 Feb 2022

The  COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia has had devastating effects on people’s health and livelihoods. Many lives were taken and society as whole was challenged. As INS we believe that we must remain united in our shared humanity, and that’s why the INS boards from Indonesia and the Netherlands joined forces to support ‘Rumah Sakit Terapung Ksatria Airlangga’ (RSTKA) in realizing a Covid relief assistance programme for several hospitals and Puskesmas (district clinics) on the islands of Sumenep/Madura in East Java, by donating 10 Oxygen Concentrators (OC’s) through Philips, one of INS’s patrons.    

The mission of Marco-19 to 15 islands, undertaken by RSTKA from September to mid-October, was an outreach programme to increase awareness on COVID and vaccination, and provide free surgeries to the needy. The oxygen concentrators are being put to use straight away. Marco-19 fared to different remote islands where the needs are high. One of the missions was to visit an island that gets isolated 2 months in a year because of the waves, that can reach 5 meters.


The mission resulted in oxygen concentrators being spread across Puskesmas in Madura islands: puskesmas Raas 1 OC, Puskesmas Gayam Sapudi 1 OC, Rumah sakit Abuya in Arjasa 2 OCs, Puskesmas Sapeken 2 OCs, Puskesmas Masalembo 2 OCs, and remaining 2 OCs at the RSTKA floating hospital.